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Calla Lilies

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Calla Lilies 12-23-12

“Calla Lilies”          6″ x 9″

Prismacolor pencil on toned paper


Duncan December 2012

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Duncan 12-2012

“Duncan December 2012″

9″ x 12″

Prismacolor pencil on toned paper

Another portrait of our favorite Scottish Terrier


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“Quincy”               12″ x 9″

Prismacolor pencil on toned paper

I’ve been visiting my sons for the holidays and feeling lucky to be able to do so.   I took some photos of one of my son’s cats, just the one because I only saw a glimpse of his other cat, once, briefly and couldn’t get any photos of her.   Even Quincy here was hard to capture: for such a large cat he moves very quickly and as much as I loved the action shots of him playing wildly with his toy, all four legs up in the air, I couldn’t capture a photo of the play with enough detail to render it.   Even here he is obviously just waiting for someone to pick up the toy lying in front of him, always ready to play.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Angels

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Grandma and Grandpa's Angels

“Grandma and Grandpa’s Angels”     12″ x 9″

Prismacolor pencil on toned paper

My friend sent me a Christmas card with this image.   She and her husband had rounded up all of their grandbabies and corraled them in a kiddie swimming pool to take a group photo.   I was impressed with the photo, with how the older babies hold and console the younger babies and with my friends for coming up with and executing the idea.   This is a quick sketch I drew based on the photo.

12 – 21 – 2012

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“12 – 21 – 2012″                        9″ x 12”               Blue and white Prismacolor pencil on toned paper

The last pose of the year.   The date in the corner is incorrect: a simple confusion or a subconscious slip, but I will leave it.


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“Wolf”          9″ x 12″          Oil

Rainy Day Downtown

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Rainy Day Downtown

“Rainy Day Downtown”     9″ x 12″     Colored Pencil on toned paper