A Virginia Christmas


“Cardinal”          7″ x 5″         Oil

Mrs Cardinal

“Mrs. Cardinal”          7″ x 5″          Oil

Pink Dogwoods

“Pink Dogwoods”          7″ x 5″          Oil


“Dogwoods”          7″ x 5″          Oil


“Magnolia”          7″ x 5″          Oil

I wanted to do something special for the Christmas/Holiday season this year so I painted this series of small paintings based on the Virginia state flower, the Dogwood, and the Virginia state bird, the Cardinal.   I included a Robin in one painting because Robins are so prevelant in my own neighborhood and I also painted a Magnolia because they are such important trees in the southern states and their flowers and especially their large deep green glossy leaves are used alot in decorating for the holidays.

These little paintings are done in oils painted on linen.   Archival, acid-free glue was used to secure the finished paintings to hardboard supports that have deep sides so that the paintings can be displayed as is with clean, modern lines or framed as wanted.

Greeting cards reproduced from these paintings are available to purchase, in packs of three, through my studio, #121, d’Art Center, 208 East Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510.   The paintings are also available for purchase and would of course make great gifts.


2 Responses to “A Virginia Christmas”

  1. These are lovely, Angie.

  2. Angie Coleman Says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed painting them.

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