1 – 25 – 2013

1 - 25 - 2013

“1 – 25 – 2013″

11″ x 14”

Colored Pencil and watercolo on Yupo paper

I drew the image on Yupo paper with colored pencil and then laid in watercolor washes.   This was last Friday when the predicted snow flurries turned into a snow storm that brought freezing temperatures and ice and sleet , and kept me and lots of other people at home…..and away from The Virginia Flower and Garden Expo.   The show’s curator said it was the worst turn out she’s ever seen for the expo, but these kinds of things happen especially here in the South where we don’t usually get so much snow.


2 Responses to “1 – 25 – 2013”

  1. Just found your blog searching for information on colored pencil on yupo. I love your paintings — vibrant and fresh. Love the way you handle the mediums and your sense of color.

    • Angie Coleman Says:

      Thank you, I always appreciate words of encouragement and support. I love working with colored pencils and find them a very lucious medium to work in. Yupo paper is another story – it is so different and reacts in its own unique way, never the way I think it will but the results can be very fresh and striking, if it works that is. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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