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April 23 8 x 10 Graphite


8″ x 10″

Graphite on toned paper

Tonal study based on a photo by Bill Brandt/1966


JoAnne Leonard’s 1966 Sonia

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April 22 2013 6 x 6 Graphite 2

“JoAnne Leonard’s 1966 Sonia”

6″ x 6″ Graphite on toned papers

This drawing is based on a photograph taken by JoAnne Leonard back in 1966.   The drama of light and dark and tonal range made this a great photo to interpret in pencil.

Waltz of the Fuschia

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The above link will take you to a youtube video produced by Rebecca Tripp, a composer who has created some sixty videos of her music matched to floral artworks.   Three of my paintings are represented in Rebecca’s latest video, “The Waltz of the Fuschia” – among other artist’s works.   Rebecca is a very talented composer, the music in this video is very lovely.

Lavender Roses

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Lavender Roses

“Lavender Roses”

8″ x 8″


Rose Arbor

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Rose Arbor - redone 18 x 48

“Rose Arbor”

18″ x 48″


Yellow Roses

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Yellow Roses - redone 36 x 40

“Yellow Roses”

40″ x 30″

Oil on canvas

So many people ask me why I paint flowers and if there is any symbology behind my Florals.   I do think there is a great deal of symbology behind my paintings, but not necessarily the meanings that one would suppose.   Looking through my work I realize I have painted far more roses than any other flower and while in the process of noting that I came across a quote that claims the rose holds the same symbology in Western culture that the Lotus holds in the East.   An intriguing idea and worth exploring, which for me means pulling my rose paintings together to create a rose wall in my studio.   I will try to get some photos of this wall to upload while I continue researching the symbology of the rose.

4 – 5 – 2013

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4 - 5 - 2013

“4 – 5 – 2013″

9″ x 12”

Graphite and white pencil on toned paper