Jewel April 2013


24″ x 36″


I am working on large paintings these days, adding glazes, tweaking and adjusting, and trying to build depth and drama.

This painting is hanging in the Harrison Opera House during it’s run of “The Marriage of Figaro”.

This is the artist statement I prepared for the work:

I believe every flower deserves to be looked at closely and intently, to let its beauty and perfection impress itself upon its viewer.   Perception is challenged when looking at a complex grouping of flowers; the viewer is called to take in each flower for the little moment of life bursting forth that it is while simultaneously holding in awareness the complexity and chaos of many flowers and much else going on all around which pulls focus from the small to the large, and back and forth.   Holding paradox in awareness and letting the mind play freely with images opens imagination and develops creative sensitivity.   It also leads to many other positives, hidden gems.   I believe life is much like this, that striving to be open-minded and developing the ability to perceive and hold in awareness more and more of the inherent paradoxes of beauty, complexity and interconnection in life in turn works to soften hearts, clear vision and potentially bring much else that is very good, many jewels of insight and wisdom.


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