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Road Trip

Posted in Landscapes, Watercolors with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on October 21, 2013 by Angie Coleman

I haven’t blogged in quite a while, because I’m in the process of revamping how this blog is set up, what it can do, where it can take viewers, etc. and also because I’ve been away, out on an adventure. I just returned from a road trip in which I drove cross-country, from Virginia to Colorado, with my husband and our two little dogs.
The trip started with ‘iffy’ weather; rain, wet conditions and lots of fog. I took a lot of photos of the sky, the clouds, and the great atmospheric conditions. By the second day everything had cleared up and we had sunny skies and I needed to find something to keep me occupied in the passenger seat. It’s not easy to do a drawing while rushing along in a moving car. Trying to do a painting in a moving car is even more challenging, but drawing and painting are excellent activities to pursue because the hours just fly by when I am focused and absorbed in creating.
So a compromise I will often make is to paint from memory. This is a practice many artists pursue in order to strengthen and develop their visionary acuity. It is basically just creating an image based on your memory of the image, the form, the colors etc. These three paintings are quick sketches I did in the car with watercolors based on the images that were flying by me. The first one is based on the colors and images in the heartland, the farming areas of southern Illinois with its vast open fields and green woods.
The second painting I completed the next day as we were driving across Kansas. As you drive through this state, moving east to west, you pass green hills that slowly give way to sunnier colors, yellows and ochers and siennas. Homesteads and little farms are tucked into the hillsides, houses and farm buildings hidden among the little hills and valleys as in this painting.
The last example I’m presenting is a very quick sketch I did as we were racing up Interstate 25 in Colorado, driving north to Denver. I was impressed by the colors flying by me, the greens and golds and so on, and as I was taking it all in I noticed and focused in on this one lone tree as it sipped by, thin and wispy, bending and swaying in the strong wind.
From Denver we drove on to Winter Park; by the time we hit the mountains on Interstate 70 it was snowing heavily and it continued to snow all the way through the mountains and into Winter Park; beautiful but a bit hair-raising. I don’t have a painting of the mountains and the snow from that drive because I spent most of it trying to not look over the edge of the steep mountain road.

#1 Colorado Trip - Illinois - Indiana 9 - 2013

#2 Colorado Trip - Kansas - 9 - 2013

#3 Colorado Trip - Castle Rock - 9 - 2013