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Pursuing an Idea/Playing with an image

Posted in Fantasy, Oils with tags , , , , , on December 16, 2013 by Angie Coleman

7 - 6 - 2013 Angel

“Guardian Angel”
Colored Pencil on blue paper
14″ x 11″
August, 2013

Media images spark an idea for an image of my own; the things I believe in and think about fuse with what I see out in the world and I make this drawing

#2 Oils 11-2         16 x 12

16″ x 12″
October, 2013

I am still playing with the idea and image; this time in oils I experiment with lighting and palette

#3 Oils 11-3        14 x 11

16″ x 12″
November, 2013

Switching to images of models I have worked with myself and my own photos I continue playing with the idea

12 x 36 Angel with Wing

“Angel’s Wing”
36″ x 12″
December, 2013

My latest painting playing with this image, just begun this past weekend. It still has quite a bit of work to do before it is completed, but I think perhaps it represents as far as I want to go with this idea.