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The Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth

Watercolor     22″ x 30″

An experimental piece; I began by pouring  watercolors and letting them flow into one another and mix on the paper.   After this I started laying in lines and creating forms following where intuition led me.   This piece is obviously about the big journey, the one we are seldom completely aware of.


Standing Pose

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Watercolor     24″ x 18″

Wild Daisies

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Wild Daisies

Watercolor     8″ x 11″

An en plein air study up on Yucca Flats, bluffs and canyons, a meadow of grasses on the flat tabletop land and the mountains in the background


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Watercolor     8″ x 11″


Lone Wolf

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#11 Wolf

Watercolor     11″ x 8″

I thought I would share some more watercolors I completed over this past winter.

Bobcat Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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Bobcat Cheyene Mountain Zoo

Pastels     8″ x 10″

I visited the zoo back in December.   It was too cold and there was lots of snow on the ground; the more exotic elephants and giraffes were kept snug in their indoor shelters.   That was okay because I was more interested in seeing examples of local animals, the wolves and moose and cats that live in the Rocky Mountains.   I took photos of this bobcat as he was enjoying the sunshine and the brisk air.

Bunny In My Back Yard

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Bunny in my back yard

Pastels     8″ x 10″

I live on a cliff overlooking the city and am regularly visited by Mule Deer, rabbits and hawks.   Last night I watched two rabbits hoping, jumping and chasing one another in my back yard for the longest time.   I assume it was love play.   I wanted to capture them on my camera but because it was dusk and their coloring matched the grass they were playing in I could barely make them out myself, and my camera couldn’t pick them out at all.

This painting is based on some photos taken during the middle of a sunny day not long ago as the little guy rested in the grass just outside my doors.