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The Emperor’s Concubine

Posted in Fantasy, Oil Painting, Woman with tags , , on August 17, 2015 by Angie Coleman

The Emperor's Concubine

Oil     26″ x 26″

I promised photos but my older model computer and poor internet connection on the road made that unrealistic.   Then the photos I took proved to be good references for paintings but nothing more descriptive, certainly not the awe-inspiring images I was trying to capture.   Restlessness grew into a crisis of orientation that made me dissatisfied with every piece of art I worked on.   I finally began to question the ways, big and small that I am still chasing someone else’s idea of art instead of my own vision.   At core, I am as enthusiastic about art taking me exactly where it has in mind to take me as it seems to be in taking me there.   I knew the ‘crisis’ had passed at least for the time being when I went into my studio and started this painting.   Maybe this signals that it’s time for a change in direction.