Close Encounter

I had spent a pleasant afternoon with my sisters and was driving home.   A car coming out of the restaurant parking lot next door stopped and the driver rolled down her window to tell me there were a mother bear and her cubs in the lot.   I drove in to see if I could see anything and found that the mama bear had climbed into a tree and the two baby bears were heading to the back of the lot and the cliff beyond it.


I caught a few shots of this little guy on the right as he was following his sibling down the cliff and blew them up to get a closer look at him.




I went back to see what mama bear was doing and saw that she had come down from the tree and was moving over towards the edge of the cliff herself.   There is a man in the truck on the right.


As I pulled up I started gesturing to this guy because I wasn’t sure he knew the mama had moved up behind him although in hindsight I’m pretty sure he knew exactly where she was all of the time.

Here mama bear and the man are both looking over at the baby bears.



And here mama bear notices me pulling up closer.



She decides to come over and investigate.



Once she gets in front of my car she seems undecided as to what to do next; almost as if she is torn between confronting me and going back to her cubs.




She finally decides to follow her cubs.



She’s beautiful isn’t she.


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