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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

Libra symbolizes beauty, harmony and balance; the reconciliation of opposites and our need for relationship with others.





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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

Saturn – the need for personal integrity, for blending one’s true nature with one’s public role.   Saturn symbolizes form, structure, boundary, focus, control, lack and insecurity; cycles, karma and time as well as responsibility, discipline, difficulty and frustration.



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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

Consciousness itself


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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

Virgo needs to analyze and discriminate in order to function as efficiently as possible in the world.  The virgin here refers to an image of purity in the sense that she is attached to nothing, and nothing possesses her.   Her vision is a lofty one – to transform herself into the best she can be, and she does this by being of service to others.   It is through her work that she both discovers who she is and then transforms and transcends that self. Virgo must grow.

In this painting the virgin goddess is wearing the helmet of wisdom and the breast plate of righteousness, and she is carrying the staff of truth.   These are the tools she uses to move towards the perfection she seeks.

The Ascendant

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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

Outer self.   Image.   Mask or persona, and how others perceive you.   The ascendant represents your unique way of being in the world, the means by which you express the entirety of your birth chart in the world of deeds and action; your personality.  And personality is always a mask, a role we play, and a necessity that life requires we develop.   All of us wear masks; we all have social identities. The ascendant is how we appear to others before they get to know us very well.