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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

A second image for the sun sign Gemini.

Gemini is a mutable air sign and symbolizes that part of the psyche that is intelligent, curious, talkative, social, adaptable and flexible.  On the negative side this energy can be superficial, shallow, overly abstract and unemotional, gossipy, impatient and fickle.   The ruler of Gemini is the planet Mercury, the traditional messenger of the gods and all about perception and communication.




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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

“I have.”

A fixed earth sign Taurus people are determined, conservative, and patient.   Warm-hearted and sensual they are laid back and leisurely while also being deliberate and realistic.   Taurus seeks stability and security, and they enjoy the material and sensual pleasures of life.   On the negative side they can be stubborn, argumentative, resentful, greedy, self-indulgent and jealous.


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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

“I Am”

Aries – a cardinal fire sign; its ruling planet is Mars.   Pioneering, competitive and forceful; needs challenge.   Courageous, impetuous and passionate; can be impatient, blunt and arrogant.