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Virgo revisited

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Acrylic     20″ x 24″

This is not just another interpretation of Virgo, it is a re-working of the original image I posted on November 6, 2016.  In this re-imagining the Virgo energy is less about the higher self, the divine template within each of us, and more about the human component, the human psyche coping with and integrating this energy that strives for perfection.




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Acrylic and Pastel     20″ x 24″

Re-visiting Leo, the Archetypal energy of the King, the Clown and the Child.   Leos are natural leaders.   They are generous, courageous and loyal.   They are also self-expressive, creative and dramatic as they are driven by the need to creatively express themselves and be appreciated.   On the less positive side Leo can be prideful, demanding and even domineering.   The ruler of Leo is the Sun.


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Acrylic and Pastel      20″ x 24″

Another image of the cardinal water sign of Cancer.   In this image the focus is on the predominant symbols for this energy, the crab and the mother.

As I work on each of these paintings I feel that I am gaining another level of understanding of these symbols.   Aries is the energy of the individual, the warrior; Taurus is symbolized by the Bull, an apt image for material security and the good life as cattle and domesticated animals were central to the rise of civilization.   Gemini is the energy of the twins, of the double and therefore an apt symbol for the duality inherent in perception and information.  And Cancer is the energy of caring, mothering and the quirky sidestepping and need for a hard shell of the crab.

The ruler of Cancer is the Moon.