The Sun

#1 The Sun sf

Oils     24″ x 24″

Creating images that depict the energy represented by the sun in an astrology chart has been an interesting journey.   I put off finishing any one image, trying one idea after another, but abandoning each as not quite right or somehow just off the mark.

When I was working on images for the other planets each of the clusters of energy or archetypes seemed self-evident.   The planet Saturn is about restriction, boundaries and reality, and so on for each of the planets.   But the sun seemed somehow different, and fundamentally so.   If the other planets represent psychological energies it is the sun through which these energies are manifested and expressed.   One of Edgar Cayce’s ideas (if I get it right) is that our souls can spend time on the other planets, absorbing their particular energy for future incarnations.   In this idea I see the workings of karma, and interpret the energies of the planets as a process of karma, allowing this core self to manifest and play out these energies, and let them in return impact back on this self, spinning karma.   Thus my final painting for the sun doesn’t have a face, for although the core may be the essence of a particular set of beliefs and ideas that are called Cancer or Leo or Pisces, this too is just a face, a façade for that which lies beneath, that which provides and is the energy and the drive; it is both this and all this, but it also hints at much more.





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