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Morning Walk II

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#14 June 3, 2018 Morning Walk II ACRYLICS

Acrylic     17″ x 12″


Arizona Landscape III

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#11 May 27, 2018 Arizona Landscape 2

Acrylic     16″ x 12″

California Landscape

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California Coast

Pastel         24″ x 24″

Vestal Virgins

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Vestal Virgins sf adjusted

Oil     36″ x 30″

Ghost Ranch I

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Ghost Ranch I

Pastel     16″ x 12″

Visited Ghost Ranch for the first time a couple weeks ago.   Took some photos while on the landscape bus tour near Georgia’s house on the ranch.   Weren’t allowed of course to explore or get close to any of the sites she hiked across and painted up close but my camera takes decent photos and the wonder, grandeur and peacefulness of the place settles on you while you are there and permeates your bones, your entire being.   It’s a magical place and leaves one with the impression that spirit resides there in abundance.

Morning Light

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Morning Light

Pastel     16″ x 12″

En Plein Air Pastel Sketches

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#5 Tree behind cabin at Seawiew, WA

“Pine Tree/Long Beach, WA”     Pastel 9″ x 12″

Eureka, CA Palm

“Palm/Eureka”     Pastel     9″ x 12″

Eureka, CA Walkway

“Across the Street/Eureka”     Pastel     9″ x 12″

Working on some more detailed paintings this week.   Thought I would share some quick pastel sketches I did this past summer on a trip to the northwest coast.