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In Answer to an Inquiry by a Kind Reader

Posted in Animals, Nature, Synchronicities with tags , , , , , on April 4, 2017 by Angie Coleman

One of my blog followers shared an experience she had in nature that seemed to be a sign to her to follow her creative promptings.   I shared that I have had many similar experiences that seem to point to a synchronistic connection with animals and all of nature.   Ever since this exchange I have found myself reading and watching programs about synchronicity, nature and just those kinds of experiences, always being reminded that I need to tease out some of my own such experiences to share.   After weeks of this I finally began recalling synchronicities that are not too entangled and therefore seem to me easier to explain.

A few years ago I took an on-line course on mandala making.   In the class were six or seven other women with me from all over the United States, and the class took about fourteen weeks to complete.   Each week we were instructed to create our own mandalas according to a certain set of guidelines, exploring different aspects of the mandala and using different mediums, and then we would share what we created and any other experiences that seemed relevant.   Near the close of the course I happened to be traveling in Maine and it was about this time that all of us in the class began creating mandalas with similar or the same theme, images, symbols and so on.   It was getting very interesting.   One week we all seemed to create mandalas with ducks in them or ducks somehow represented, and it was just on that day when all of these images were being posted on-line that I happened to drive through a small hamlet with the name of Duck, Maine.   It definitely struck me as I passed by that sign.

It was also while working on mandalas for this class that I experienced a beautiful dance with nature.   One of the assignments was to create a nature mandala, a mandala made in the outdoors with all natural materials.    I chose a large open grassy area in my yard, scavenged twigs, stones and flowers, and created a large mandala with a center of living flowers.   As I was creating this mandala in a quiet, reverential manner two white butterflies danced around me, following me as I walked the yard looking for just the right stone and so on.  When I finished I sat in meditation in front of the mandala and just as I settled into my meditation a large beautiful blue butterfly came and fluttered in front of me over the mandala.   The whole experience was lovely.

While writing this I also remember my run in with the ants.   I was living in a very old house at the time when I was doing this work with the mandala and it was also around this time that I had a strange relationship with the ants develop.   I had my studio upstairs in a spare bedroom; I was working intently on something at my drafting table, focused and absorbed, and I looked up and my drafting table was covered with small ants!   It was the strangest thing; I know I lose track of time while working but this was like one minute I was working and the next my table was covered.   I did live in an old house but I never saw ants anywhere before, had not done anything different, there was no food or oil or grease anywhere nearby.   They came back very sporadically, a couple times on that table again, but then later in other places, strange places and always in the same odd way, suddenly and in mass.   I began to realize that I would see them as a representative of erratic or chaotic energy that I suppose I was generating or experiencing.   This was a very odd experience to me but as long as it seemed I was open to the message they would appear in order to point out something about my energy or the energy around me, to help me to be aware of it.