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Portrait Blue Eyed Man

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Steve 2

Oils     12″ x 9″


Breakfast Time

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Oil     24″ x 18″

Couple II

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Colored Pencil 14 x 17

Colored pencil on toned paper     17″ x 14″

A Drawing

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Graphite 14 x 17

Graphite     12″ X 9″

The Couple

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Portrait Two

Oils     16″ x 12″


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11″ x 14″
Oil on canvas glued to board

I chose one of the quick sketches of a live model that I did a few years ago with the intention of finishing it by memory. This was an interesting exercise, because the young man who emerged in this painting is not as much the original model as it is another young man with whom I am familiar and feel emotionally close to. Because the original sketch contained such a small amount of concrete information I suppose my mind took over and expressed what I was not aware I was thinking about, bringing the awareness into full consciousness through my artwork.

Family Resemblance

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6-22 #1 18 x12
“Family Resemblance”
18″ x 12″
From an old photograph taken back in the 1940’s. It was while I was drawing this that I realized how much one of my nieces resembles my father – the same cheek bones, the same smile, even the color of hair which I had not noticed before.