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Here She Comes 16 x 12 February 2018 2

Pastels          16″ x 12″



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Isaac sf

Pastel     20″ x 16″

I’ve been very remiss lately, not posting much this month.   Still painting more than ever, but life keeps interfering, pulling me into mundane matters that need to be taken care of.

My sister asked me to do this painting.   I think I have done a painting for every one of her dogs.   People often give me very sentimental, but poor quality photos of their pets.   This is the way she remembers her dog, it’s a meaningful image to her.   When I know the pet I can fill in the blanks and put personality into the painting; when I don’t know them it’s more difficult to do this.

Sweet Little Dog

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Mulan sf

Pastel     16″ x 20″

White Horse

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White Horse

Pastel     15″ X 11″

Misty Path

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Pastel     18″ x 12″

Young Girl

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Young Girl

Pastel          11″ x 15″



Northern New Mexico

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“Santa Fe”               12″ x 9″               Pastels

“Taos”          12″ x 9″               Pastels

“Blue Door/Taos”               12″ x 9″               Pastels

From Albuguerque we drove north through Santa Fe and Taos and then up through southern Colorado by way of smaller country roads, very beautiful.   What I saw in this part of the country seemed to call for pastels.