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Pastels     20″ x 16″




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The River sf

Oils     24″ x 48″


Poncha Springs

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River Orchard Poncha Springs, CO Oct., 2017 sf

Oil     12″ x 16″

I got out of the city last week.   Drove through the mountains to a high valley and stayed in a cabin on the Arkansas River.   It was chilly and crisp, the cottonwoods were all yellow and gold and wild turkeys strolled through each morning and evening.   Enjoyed the hot springs nearby and slept the afternoon away.   It was just what was needed, beauty and the peace of nature.

I laid the bones for this painting one cold morning, working under the dappled light of the pine trees until I was chilled through and through; a good lesson on dressing for autumn Colorado mountain weather.



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Remembering sf

Oil     48″ x 24″

When we lived on the Lake

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When we lived on the lake sf

Oils     20″ x 24″


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Pastel     24″ x 18″

The Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth

Watercolor     22″ x 30″

An experimental piece; I began by pouring  watercolors and letting them flow into one another and mix on the paper.   After this I started laying in lines and creating forms following where intuition led me.   This piece is obviously about the big journey, the one we are seldom completely aware of.