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Isaac sf

Pastel     20″ x 16″

I’ve been very remiss lately, not posting much this month.   Still painting more than ever, but life keeps interfering, pulling me into mundane matters that need to be taken care of.

My sister asked me to do this painting.   I think I have done a painting for every one of her dogs.   People often give me very sentimental, but poor quality photos of their pets.   This is the way she remembers her dog, it’s a meaningful image to her.   When I know the pet I can fill in the blanks and put personality into the painting; when I don’t know them it’s more difficult to do this.



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#10 Pluto sf

Oils     24″ x 24″

I’m still working on the Astrology project; have finished all of the planets except the Sun and I’m already playing with ideas for the twelve houses which I will tackle next.

I love astrology, believe it is one of those ancient systems of knowledge that has been misunderstood over the millennia, falling from its high level of wisdom and knowledge into a caricature of all that it really contains and explains.   It is also a very complex and multi-faceted system.   Popular astrology often claims just the opposite, that it is actually very easy to understand, or ‘read’ a chart.   I haven’t found this to be true at all, and because I don’t find the chart easy to understand I decided to create flash cards that will give visual clues as to what that sign, planet, house, etc. are all about.   Looking at Aries, Mars and the first house it’s obvious that they are related and that all three are about fire (passion) and action.

I believe that in order to be really adept at astrological interpretation a person needs to study in great detail and depth for a long time, perhaps decades.   This is what I realized when I finally had the time in my life to really look into the study of astrology.   Now I believe I would need to dedicate 100% of my time to the study in order to master it, but knowing myself, at my age, and with all of the large projects I am in the middle it’s rather unlikely that I will throw everything else out and concentrate only on astrology.   Instead I’m approaching the subject in my own way, at my own pace, trying to gain knowledge and wisdom through visual symbols and images, whether or not this is the correct way to learn the subject or not.

My approach to things, what I seek and what satisfies me, and the quirks and leanings of my personality are, of course, visible somewhere in my own natal chart whether I can see and understand these placements and their meanings and how they all interact and play on one another or not.   The flash cards are a visual shortcut, prompt and memory cue, but I am finding them very useful nevertheless, and can even say that I understand some things about my own chart (and therefore other charts as well) much better than I did before I started this project.   I will try to share some of what I have learned in a future post.


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Uranus sf

Oils     24″ x 24″


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#6 Saturn, Constriction

Oils     24″ x 24″

Poncha Springs

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River Orchard Poncha Springs, CO Oct., 2017 sf

Oil     12″ x 16″

I got out of the city last week.   Drove through the mountains to a high valley and stayed in a cabin on the Arkansas River.   It was chilly and crisp, the cottonwoods were all yellow and gold and wild turkeys strolled through each morning and evening.   Enjoyed the hot springs nearby and slept the afternoon away.   It was just what was needed, beauty and the peace of nature.

I laid the bones for this painting one cold morning, working under the dappled light of the pine trees until I was chilled through and through; a good lesson on dressing for autumn Colorado mountain weather.



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Neptune 1 sf

Oils     24″ x 24″


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Fire sf 2

Oils     24″ x 24″