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Oil     12″ x 16″


Shoot ‘Em Up

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Oil     16″ x 12″

Moon Goddess

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#33 Moon Goddess

Acrylic     20″ x 24″

Now to get a little off the wall.   I based this painting on photos of a model and pose that I especially like.   What I was thinking about as I built the painting was circular compositions which draw the eye through a painting in a circular pattern, although this is really more of a backwards C pattern pulling the eye down and then back up again.   The colors and symbols seemed to appear through their own volition as the painting unfolded and I didn’t question any of these choices as they made sense at the time.   It wasn’t until I took photos of the painting that I saw the pun embedded in it.   Nothing profound, just a tongue-in-cheek little joke my mind played on me.



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#32 RebeccaAcrylic     20″ x 24″

Bougainvillea and Hydrangeas

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#31 Peonies and Bouganvillea October 8, 2018

Acrylic     16″ x 20″

Bird of Paradise

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#30 Bird of Paradise October 1, 2018

Pastel on sanded paper     12″ x 16″

Temple II

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#29 Temple II On High September 2018

Acrylic     24″ x 20″

Mountains have always held special meaning to me; I’ve traveled, searched through, and rested in many mountains in my dreams.   Their symbolic power never fails to move me.   The Temple as symbol has been tugging at my interest lately and I seem to have many varied connections and feelings associated with it   Do others have negative or positive feelings about this symbol or does it hold any meaning at all for them, is it as alive to others as it is for me?